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We are always looking to hear new music so if you want your music reviewed on the site just fill out the form below including links to your social media, music and some general info about you/group. We have one rule when it comes to reviewing music; We only review what we like, we aren't the final word on good music but we only write about the stuff we personally like so if you don't get a reply from us in a week we have decided not to review your music. 


The podcast is starting to focus around music guests but we don't discriminate, if your interesting and have something to say we want to talk to you. So if you want to be a guest fill out the form including who you are, what you do, why you want to be on the show and any social media links. 


We are always looking for contributors to help grow the site. It doesn't just have to be music related.If you have a passion for something you want to put into words get in touch through the form below. Spinning Pebble is a platform for writers to develop their writing and find their voice with 100% creative control.


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